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  • Property Rental. With initial charges starting as low as $70 (40, 55 Euros) it is an extremely competitive and effective advertising tool.
  • Home Exchange. With initial charges starting as low as $16 (10, 15 Euros) it is an extremely low cost means of getting new vacation experiences.

You can advertise on our rental site, exchange site or both. Select which is most suitable for your needs.

Rental Properties

What benefits does this site offer to property renters.

Apart from your property advert we offer a host of extras to help you get the best from your advert. If you don't have your own web site we offer a sub domain name which allows your advert to be personalised without our company details. A perfect option for property owners new to web advertising..

You can have comprehensive property details, up to 15 pictures, wide large scale panoramic views, a link to your own site, offsite links, your own subdomain name to provide a private listing, access to our late deals page, availability calendar and multi currency pricing which you can use from your own site, map links, special pages for golf, cities etc. and much more.

Our low cost means that one booking should pay for a full years advert. We not only get visitors through search engines but by judicious use of pay per click advertising we help share advertising costs over many properties.

Detailed Benefits
No setup charge.
No commission charges. One cost covers as many bookings as you make.
Very competitive on price.
First year discount to help establish your advert.
A Late deals and special offers section. This is very popular with visitors and an excellent way of shifting those unfilled weeks. This section alone can justify your advert many times over.
Up to 15 images of your property.
Full description for your property, region etc.
Full availability calendar which you can link to from your own website. Any such link will only show the calendar and not mention our website.
Multi currency price tables which you can also use from your own website. This allows you to maintain your price list in one place only.
Links to your own website if you have one and to other useful information about your area.
Your own subdomain name if you want one for rental properties. E.G. This will not show any other details about our site or properties and can be used for your own personal marketing/advertising.
We have a 'wanted list' where vistors can post their own vacation requirements. You have free subscription for automatic notification by email of new entries which match your area.
Specialist pages for golf, skiing etc.
180 or 360 degree Panoramic Images.
Your page submitted to search engines.
Map Links and an optional map image of your own.
Ability to customise your META tags for keywords and descriptions to best suit your property.
A counter to show how often your advert has been viewed.
Reduced charge for entry to our Home Exchange section. You can swap your holiday home to give you more vacation options.
As well as sending you enquiries we provide the ability to read y and reply to them on line at any time.
Automatic notification of new additions to our 'vacation wanted' list for your region.
Discounts for multiple adverts.

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Some more questions answered

I don't have a web site
Rather than thinking of the site as an advert think of it as your online magazine or brochure. By adding details of your property with images, maps, detailed pricing and availability to our site you can get your own web presence immediately.


  • You can direct people to your web page from other publications thus providing a better service and at the same time potentially saving money on printing brochures, photocopying and wasted telephone calls.
  • By looking at your site it will help potential renters in deciding whether your property, price and availability suits them. The final quality of enquiry you receive should be far better than you are accustomed to at present
  • Our site gets thousands of visits per day. Almost all are looking for a vacation. If you provide good quality information it will generate enquiries.
  • By using our late deals page you can help shift those unbooked weeks.
  • Our multi currency pricing linked to a calendar of availability provides easy concise information for visitors.
  • Easy navigation and searches help visitors find properties suitable for them quickly.`
  • Mailing. We store any enquiries on line allowing you to view and reply to them wherever you have access to the internet.
  • Classified want adverts. Visitors add their details and we mail them to you if you want them. If you can't help then perhaps a friend or neighbour could and earn you some extra referral fees.
  • Development. We have planned many additional enhancements. This ongoing development will provide better services for both visitors and users.
  • Flexibility. You have control over changing prices, availability, property details etc. No need for expensive third parties or learning how to use ftp.
  • 40% of our advertisers have their own site elsewhere. Yet they still find it worthwhile being listed here. In other words 60% of the advertisers here find this site sufficient for their needs.

Start now.
  1. The sooner you make your property pages the sooner they gets established in search engines.
  2. We can't guarantee to keep the price at such a low level for ever.

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I already have my own site
Many users of our services already have their own web sites ranging from fairly simple to the comprehensive. Some obviously self built and others looking quite professional (and costly). Some of you will be dab hands at using the internet to advertise and will know the benefits already.Others may not be.

So why advertise here?

  • Traffic. We get thousands of visitors a day. All looking for a vacation.
  • Presence. You will have another site on the search engines allowing more ways to find you.
  • Services. For many of you the ability to have a calendar with multicurrency linked to it will provide a facility you might not already have. If not you can link to our calendar from your site providing a better service for visitors to your own site.
  • Cost. The pricing is extremely cost effective in price per contact and in comparison to our competitors.
  • Search Engines. Most search engines are now charging on an annual basis. The cost is usually higher than our fee without any of the other benefits we provide. This is a growing trend and one that won't go away.
  • Quality of enquiry. Before contacting you a visitor will have seen your details on either a search page or regional page. They will then have viewed your full property details. If they then either email you directly, telephone or link to your own web site you can be sure that there is genuine interest.
  • Mailing.. We store any enquiries on line allowing you to view and reply to them wherever you have access to the internet.
  • Development. We have planned many additional enhancements. This ongoing development will provide better services for both visitors and users.
  • Flexibility. You have control over changing prices, availability, property details etc. No need for expensive third parties or learning how to use ftp.
  • 60% of our advertisers have their own site elsewhere. Yet they still find it worthwhile being listed here.

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I am interested in Home Exchanging
We think that the internet is the ideal medium for home exchanging with the wealth of information that can be offered. As an internet based holiday exchange company we believe that the facilities that we are offering are the best value for money on offer. Check us out and decide for yourself. Click here if you want to find more general information about home exchanging.
  • Savings. A rental villa/apartment or a good hotel room doesn't come cheap, especially if a family is involved. The benefits of free accommodation also comes with lots more space and flexibility. Check our Pricing.
  • Unrestricted Contacts. You can allow contact from any other home exchange company or individual. You are not restricted to contact only from the other members.
  • Unlimited Requests. add a request for Spain in July , Autria in January, Floida in December etc.
  • Reverse Lookup. Quickly check who wants to come to your area.
  • Unlimited Exchanges. You only pay the one annual fee.
  • Classified exchange adverts. Visitors from other sites can add their exchange requests and we mail them to you if you want them.
  • Comprehensive. You can provide and extremely detailed description of your property and requirements. Likewise you can eliminate other properties easily.
  • From mansions to timeshare apartments to caravans to yachts. Anything that can be lived in can be exchanged. Do a search and look for yourself out.
  • Privacy. We don't publish your name and address or email address unless you specifically request it.
  • Freshness. Comprehensive and uptodate information on properties makes printed books outdated.
  • Flexibility. You have control over changing your requirements, availability, property details etc. No need for expensive third parties or learning how to use ftp.

ADD my Property.

Prices are on a per annum basis and are as below.

Guarantee. There will be no renewal charge at the end of the year if we do not meet targets as outlined in our Guarantee.

Prices will be in one of 3 categories. Either rental, home exchange or both.

These prices are extremely competitive. Check out our competitors and see for yourself.

NOTE. New adverts get a 50% reduction on our standard prices to help the advert get established on search engines.

STANDARD price before discount per advertPrice in US DollarsPrice in EurosPrice in UK Pounds
NOTE. Current Offer 50% off listed prices for new properties
Single Property for Rental 72 US dollars60 Euros40 UK pounds
Single Property for Exchange 32 US dollars30 Euros20 UK pounds
Single Property for Exchange and Rental 90 US dollars80 Euros50 UK pounds
Owners of apartment complexes.
This allows you to advertise multiple properties as generally available under the one advert)
200 US dollars170 Euros120 UK pounds

Prices are per annum and are not refundable either in whole or part except due to the discretion of the management..

Additional adverts get a further 20% discount.

At the end of the first year we will not charge a renewal fee if we have not delivered at least 100 full views of your site.

When browsing our site visitors see summary listings either by searching or looking at regional lists. They will probably only look at your full site details if genuinely interested.

This means that most viewings of your pages are of high quality.

How we count views.

  • We only count views of your property details page. Views of your property summary in search results, regional listings, your calendar, image pages, or offsite links do not count.
  • As long as you have logged in we don't count views of your site by yourself.

Whether the site visitors then make contact with you will depend on how well your property is described and whether the suitability of the property, the pricing or house swapping terms are appropriate

NB. You are allowed 8 standard images on your advert as part of the annual fee.

Prices for Optional Hosting of Panoramic images.

Prices for hosting panoramic images are an optional extra and are on a per annum basis as below.

Prices where we stitch and prepare images are per image processed and are only paid once.

Annual Hosting Charges
Per rental image hosted 8 US dollars8 Euros5 UK pounds
Per home exchange image hosted 4 US dollars4 Euros3 UK pounds
Property listed for exchange AND rental 10 US dollars10 Euros6 UK pounds
Charges where we prepare the Panoramas
For each panoramic image prepared by us 70 US dollars60 Euros40 UK pounds

So if your property is listed for rental and you prepare and upload 1 picture yourself the cost will be 8 dollars per annum.

If we prepare the image for you from pictures you send the cost will be 24 dollars in the first year then 8 dollars per year.

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