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Some frequently asked questions

Q: Where is my property listed?
Q: How can I change my property description, availability etc?
Q: I have forgotten my password?
Q: Why do I have a reference code and a property code?
Q: How do I add or change photo for my property?
Q: My images are not showing correctly.
Q: How can I generate more responses?
Q: How are properties ranked on the site?
Q: I still have a question.

Where is my property listed?
We run both a Vacation Rental and Home Exchanges site. Make sure you are looking at the right pages by Click here for your property stats page, showing where your property is listed etc.
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How can I change my property description, availability etc?
You need to login to the administration area. There is a comprehensive list of options and information to enable you to change all information concerning about your property details, contact details etc..
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I have forgotten my password?
If you have forgotten your password then Click Here and we will send it to you. You will need to know either your login code or your property code. Your property code is the number which appears on your property page.

If your email address has changed will need to email us with your name and address so that we can verify who you are before sending the information to your new email address.
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Why do I have a reference code and a property code?
It is possible to have more than one property listed, hence there is a code to identify your account and a code for each property listed. E.G. You can have reference 'smith' and properties 1267, 2322 and 3324. By changing your personal details such as email address on the 'smith' record it automatically changes for all property codes.
NB. You can use either the reference or the property code to login.
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How do I add or change photos for my property?
Click here where you will find full details on how to add first 4 photos.
Click here where you will find full details on how to add a second group of 4 photos.

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My photos are not appearing or have not changed.
Possible reasons are :-
1. The regional pages are regenerated once every 24 hours. If you added images some time after placing your advert or have made changes to your images then you need to allow 24 hours before these will be reflected on regional summaries. 2. If you have made changes to your images but they do not seem to have changed on your property details then this is probably because your browser is displaying images from its memory cache. Refreshing will not help this. You should try closing all your browser windows and restarting when the correct images should appear.
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How can I generate more responses?
Listings with images attract more interest than those without. Well laid out information is also important.
E.G both the following state the same.
A 3 bedroom villa with a share of the communal pool. The villa is 2 minutes walk to the nearest beach in a secluded cove.
3 bed villa with share pool - 2 mins to beach.
The first description is far more professional while the second might be easily passed by as it suggests laziness or incompetence. In addition abbreviations do not help search engines.
If you provide information neatly, with reasonable punctuation and not too many abbreviations it will enhance the look of your site and generate more interest.
Keep you calendar of availability up to date. If your calendar is out if date it will be ranked lower on our searches and it might put some visitors off.
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How are properties ranked on the site?
Your property is accessed in one of three manners.

  • By listings within a specific geographic area. These listings are by town within the area. This is because often a visitor will know where they want to go. If a visitor is looking at Florida it is sensible to have all Orlando properties together and not spread at random.
  • By searching our database. When a visitor does a search for something such as property which sleeps 4 in the US and asks for the list to be ordered by the number of bedrooms it might produce a huge list of properties which each tie for first place. If the visitor puts in a specific departure date then recently amended calendars take priority. In other cases to try to be equitable we randomise the order of display every few weeks. We do not do this on every search as often a visitor might return and by entering the same search criteria expect to find the same property sequence as on a previous visit.
  • The other method of access is from search engines. This can take many months to become effective and we have no control over their rankings. See 'Search Engine' below for more information.
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